Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What Is Expected Of You During The First Date

You have just sported a potential date and you are trying to work out the likelihood of a success in this one after having had two consecutive dates which yielded nothing. You have her telephone number and you are supposed to call her and organize for the first date. What is disturbing your mind is the choice of the time to call and invite her for the date. "Will it be too soon to call her now? Or may be take one week before i call?" This are some of the questions in your mind. I have heard many of my lady friends complaining that after they give phone numbers. Many guys do not call, they just keep them in their diaries until sometimes the girl is forced to call back. Make sure you identify the best bar or park to meet and familiarize yourself with the place before the first date. Let it not be a place that is new to you, she may need your assistance on the material day and you will score highly if you are familiar with the environment.
Make sure that what you intend to do or discuss with her is very clear. It may look very odd for you to appear on the first date not knowing exactly what the objective of the meeting is. Call her in advance and book her for the day you think is fine with both of you. Women spend a lot of time thinking about men and their calls. sometimes it is not even what the man will say on the phone but just to hear the voice and that would keep her spirits high for some time. If you have gotten a ladies number and you are sure she is waiting for the call just call within the next few days and am sure she will be very happy to hear from you. Make sure you agree on the time and the place to meet and it must be convenient for both of you. Good grooming is very essential, make sure your hair is trimmed very well the day before. The cloths that you are going to wear must be chosen in advance and well ironed. Incase anything happens and you have to cancel the first date make sure it is done a day before to avoid inconveniencing her.
During the first date make sure you are at the venue of the meeting ten minutes before the actual time. This gives you enough time to prepare yourself psychologically and physically for the actual meeting. Calm down, relax and take a bottle of soft drink. Its wise to go for a soft drink because you don't know exactly what is her view on hard drinks. Have an idea of what her hobbies are. If not you should try and do more of listening when you meet for the first few minutes. This will give you an opportunity to access and gauge what her tastes in life are. Make sure even after the few minutes of the meeting you do not dominate the talk give her enough time to tell you what she has in store for you. Women admire good listeners and the moment you give her your ears and appreciate her view of life you will have succeeded in winning her heart. Your score will be very high during this first date. Take this time to complement her for the way she is dressed or if she has something else that you find unique. She will feel so much liked and honored and you will likely break the ice over those good remarks.
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