Monday, August 18, 2008


Because of the strong sexual symbolism of the female breast in the western society,many young adults are concerned if their mammary development fails to equal that of their friends,or more important their favourite film or televission star.If the breasts have failed to develop at all, a doctor should be consulted or you consult me,but if the breasts have developed to some extend and menstruation has started,there is little that can be done to increase their size. Some women,beguiled by astute advertising,make use of costly oestrongen creams,rubbed assiduously into the breasts. If menstrual function is normal,enough oestrongen is being made by girl herself and extra oestrongen will do little,oestrogen only cause the growth of the ducts of the breasts. What the small breasted girl lacks is the pad of fat. Nothing,except a better diet,will deposit fat in the breasts. Of course,if the girl has a stooping posture,correction of this excercises to strengthen the pectoral muscle which lies under the breasts will give them the appearance of being larger by throwing them outwards.

A number of women seek the attention of plastic surgeons,who introduce silicone bags filled with saline between the breasts and the pectoral muscles. Obviously,this will make the breasts look larger,although it will not improve their functions in any way. Since the material is behind the breasts pushing them forward,their feel is unchanged,and the woman is still able to breast feed if she wishes to.

The operation may do a good deal to make an insecure woman feel more feminine and attractive,and provided the surgeon is skilled it can be most successful. An alternative method,in which a plastic substance is injected,should be avoided,as cancer has followed this technique in some cases. by john njikanma

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