Tuesday, August 19, 2008


The size of the breasts tends to increase as a woman reaches the age of 35,particularly if she has been pregnant. Most of this enlargement is due to deposition of fat, and although the western culture approves of large breasts in a young woman,they are not so desirable in later years because instead of being high and firm,they are pendulous floppy. Exercises are of little help,in many cases,the large breasts cause no problems,except the pyschological one of feeling different.

When the breasts are very large,some women get high backache,others get shoulder pain,and because of the swings of the breasts during activities such as tennis or golf,some develop breasts pain. The size of the breasts can be reduced by surgery called reduction mammaplasty. The operation consist of removing an appropriate amount of breast tissue,and usually of moving the position of the nipple. Before deciding to have a reduction mammaplasty,a woman should take careful thought. She may decide that a well fitting bra is all she needs,but if she chooses surgery she needs to select a skilled plastic surgeon to obtain the results. by john njikanma

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