Sunday, August 24, 2008

How To Properly Clean Your Face With The Right Cleanser To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Cleansing the skin is essential, since grease, grime and pollution adhere to your skin and clog the pores, every time your body rids itself of toxins through perspiration. If you do not thoroughly clean your skin, it will feel tired and sluggish resulting in minor skin irritations and problems.Your skin type is determined by your age, sex, genes and environment. How you take care of your skin will show on your hands, face and body.It is never too late or too early to start caring for your skin - to accomplish that glow that enhances your beauty.Here Are Tips For Choosing The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin:- Shiny and oily skin that is susceptible to pimples and other blemishes should be cleansed by using a “foaming wash”: this offers a clean after using and will not strip your skin of its natural, beneficial oils.- Dry skin, with a tight feeling, no shine and no open pores, should be cleansed with“cleansing milk” which is formulated for dry skin. Dry skin needs a gentle cleansing formula that will add moisture and replace lost oil in the skin that is replenished by most cleansing milks.- Combination skin refers to skin having an oily “T zone”, meaning the forehead, mouth, chin and nose. This area of the skin normally has large and open pores and the cheeks are generally normal or dry. Use a cleansing gel to clean your face as will cleanse your skin gently and will not leave your skin harsh and dry after cleansing. - Mature skin or skin that which is losing its “elasticity”. With this type of skin, facial lines will be apparent on the skin’s surface the skin tends to be very dry. A vitamin “E” rich “cleansing milk” will be perfect for this skin type, it provides nourishment for your skin. Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants Scrubs and exfoliants are generally formulated with a creamy base that contains fine grainy elements. The finer grains, the more efficient it is in exfoliating the face as it lifts out dirt particles that clog the pores. Dermatologists recommend using peels, exfoliant and scrubs once a week to deeply clean the pores. Fine granule exfoliants are gentler on the face than those with larger granules that can irritate or scratch your skin. Peels are generally applied and left on the face to dry for approximately 15 minutes or so before peeling them off. Choose mild peels to avoid irritation.When problems arise during the use of these products, stop their use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

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