Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vital Insights on How to Apply Eye Makeup.

Do you want to look enticing at all times? How important to you are your eyes and the cosmetics that you put therein? The overused cliché says that the eye is the mirror to the soul. But it is the eye makeup that gives life to your eyes. Mind you, the eyes are one of the most vital parts of the human face so you must ensure that what you put therein is perfect. Hence, in terms of how to apply eye makeup, you need to be very cautious and choosy.
Cosmetic experts believe that the most ideal are those eyes that are almond shaped. Hence, the tendency of many is to utilize the cosmetic products and they experiment with both the light and dark hues to achieve that perfect shape. Thus, here are the most essential tips that would educate you on how to apply eye makeup.
The Eye Shadow Application
Whatever color of eye shadow you intend to apply on your eyes, you better follow these pointers to be able to perfectly do it.
Make use of a brush that has a fine and then a blunt end. Apply the base color first onto the whole eyelid starting from the inside part towards the outside part and then from that of the base of the eye lashes towards the crease of the eyelids.
If you would want the more defined look for your eyes, you could mix a darker shade therein the eyelid crease lines. The dark hue is able to provide more profundity to your eyes.
Use the light shade of eye makeup for your brow bone. It enables the eyes to look wider. The application of the eye cosmetic is firstly applied on the very dominant area before it is mixed up going to the brows and down towards the curves and the eyelid pleats.
As a caution, test out the colors that you want to use on the back of your hand. You can experiment by up to 4 colors as long as they can be paired off really well. The pale tones are able to emphasize the look all the more whereas the deep shades are able to provide a more precise definition. These are the reminders on how to apply eye makeup with the use of eye shadow.
The Eyeliner Application
The eyeliner can either be in the liquid or pencil form. Here are the significant tips on how to apply eye makeup using the eyeliner.
For the liquid eyeliner, you need to test the color using the back of your own hand. The intensity of the color would depend on the pressure that you put in. Your elbow should be held steadily as you rest it on a flat plane. Again, start the application from the inside portion going to the outside part. Be sure that the line is lighter and goes evenly towards the corners of both eyes to achieve a wide and round eye shape. However, if you do sweep the line up and then out, the outcome would be an exotic appeal. To further soften the effect, use a cotton bud for the smudges on the edges of the eyes.
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