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The sexual response of a woman can be divided into four phases, which are: excitement phase, the plateau phase, the phase of orgasm, and the phase of resolution. In these section now, i will be discussing the first one on roll, which i have stated above ( excitement phase)

Excitement phase: This is initiated more by bodily contact with the male than by visual stimuli, although the sight of an attractive male may play some part. Sexual arousal varies in women depending on the time of the month. Many women have a heightened sexual interest at certain times, often at midcycle or just before and during menstration, but no consistent pattern can be determined. Tradition has held that sexual intercourse during menstruation is dangerous because the tissues are more fragile and liable to infection, but probably really because of the old bible law which held a woman to be unclean during menstruatral circle.

This is unfortunate because some women are particularly aroused sexually at this time. There is no medical reason why a woman who desires sexual intercourse during mensturation should not have it. The tissues are not more fragile, nor is infection more likely to occur. There is no danger and the woman is not unclean.

The excitement phase of a woman tends to be slowerto reach its peak, and to last longer, than that of a man. During it her nipple become erect, and the areola around them become swollen dusky. Her clitoris increases in size, mainly in width, and ;lips around the vaginal entrance become softer and thicker as they become congested with blood,forming soft swellings. These changes vary in degree from woman to woman.

At thesame time as these events are occurring, fluid seeps through the layers of tiny cells which makes up the vaginal wall, so that the vaginal becomes lubricated. Two small glands which lie near the opening of the vagina also secrete fluid, so that both the vagina and the entrance become moist and slippery. If the man attempts to introduce his penis before the fluid has been secreted and the area become lubricated,coitus( intercourse) may be painful. This is one reason, but not the only one, for women"s partner to stimulate her by kissing and caressing her, until she is sexually excited. Simultaneously the tissues surrounding the lower one third of the woman"s vagina become swollen with blood, so that soft,warm,cushions form which will caress the man"s penis as it enters the vagina. john njikanama

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What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Hair Tonic

The boom in alternative medicine has not passed by the market for baldness 'cures': there are now more tonics available than ever, with advertising shouting of 'natural', 'herbal' and 'aromatherapy'. Many people's first response to hair loss is to purchase a tonic, and it is always possible that, from amongst the vast and varied range of tonics available in the shops and by mail order, you might be lucky enough to come across one that does some good. Many, however, make wildly exaggerated claims, which they 'prove' with testimonials and 'before and after' photographs with changes of angle, exposure and even hairstyle to create a false impression of hair growth.Scientific proof requires controlled double-blind trials - that is, trials in which one group uses the product and another uses a placebo, and neither they nor their doctor knows until the trial is over which they used. Of course, we do not generally require such a high level of proof before we make everyday decisions (nor are double blind trials easily applied to testing the individualistic prescriptions of much alternative medicine), but given the price of some tonics it is a good idea to question what 'proof' means in their advertising: it may mean little more than that the advertising standards people haven't caught up with this one yet!If in doubt, you could contact the company asking for more evidence to support their claims. Testimonials may, of course, be falsified, or selectively edited; in any case, many types of hair loss can cure themselves spontaneously, and even the loss leading to male pattern baldness can stop for a few years of its own accord. If the treatment being sold involves rubbing the scalp, or requires more frequent washing, it may be this rather than the product that is having the beneficial effect - hence the use of double-blind trials.Before you buy a tonic, check the ingredients (mistrust any that insist on the secrecy of their formula) and see whether you cannot in fact produce something similar at home for a fraction of the cost. Also check whether the tonic actually claims to promote growth: many 'tonics' contain alcohol (though it may be hidden - for example, herbal tinctures are made with alcohol), which has a drying effect that may irritate more sensitive scalps and coarsens the hair; these are in fact simply intended as a sort of emergency shampoo. Unfortunately, although alcohol does dissolve the oils that make hair greasy, it does not remove them, merely spreads them along the hair shaft - which is unlikely to improve the appearance of greasy hair. Dry shampoos are a better alternative. Other products actually adhere to and thicken individual hairs rather than stimulating any new growth.

How To Kiss...Make The Kiss Memorable! by Nic Roberts

Would you like to be a great kisser? I personally don't know of a single person that would say no. Kissing can be a hard thing to do until you get comfortable doing it, and while nothing can fully prepare you for a kiss, this may help you with some basics on how to kiss.
1) Once you're leaning in, things start to happen quickly. If you are nervous about the actual kiss, why not practice beforehand to master your technique? An arm or mirror could serve as useful tools to self monitor the feel and look of your kissing style.
2) Offer a mint, only after you've just had one. This can let the other person know what's on your mind, unless you offer them mints all the time.
3) Approach slowly and smoothly. Depending on your starting position you may need only to turn your head, or you may need to lean in a bit.
4) Experiment. Over time, you'll want to try a variety of different kisses for different moods and times. Change it up to keep things interesting.
5) As you near your partner's lips, maintain eye contact. You may want to close your eyes after your lips meet to really experience the kiss.
I hope you find these tips useful on how to kiss.

Hairstyle To Improve Appearance.

A person’s hairstyle is his crowning glory, whether that person is a man or a woman. Have you noticed a how a person changes his appearance with a change of hairstyle? Women often change their hairstyles to alter their moods. Women who experience depression will sometimes change their hairstyles believing that a new hairstyle will not only change their looks but how they feel about themselves as well.The changes in a person’s appearance due to a change in hairstyle can be summed up in one word - transformation! Nothing changes a person’s appearance and character more than a change of hairstyle, whether it’s a change of the hair color or a haircut.But as with make up, the foundation of a good hairstyle is a healthy scalp. Anyone who desires to change their appearance must start with the basic care of their scalp. While there is no compelling evidence to support the old saying that brushing your hair a hundred times each day will make you hair healthier, it may be a good tip for those who want to keep their hair healthy.Brushing the hair (although not exactly a hundred times), will have a good effect on your scalp. It is always advisable to massage the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.A person cannot choose the kind of hair he is born with although it can be improve. Your hair type has been determined from the moment you were in your mother’s womb, since genes are the determining factor. Those with thinning hair problems have probably inherited the problem from their parents. If you experience excessive hair loss, do not fret because more hair will replace the hair that has been naturally discarded.Many women have a difficult time growing long hair. If you experience this, try using a mild shampoo and avoid too much washing as this will damage the natural oils of your hair. Brushing your hair and massaging your scalp regularly will help improve hair growth.People who have oily hair have healthier hair but this type is prone to becoming limp and dull. Contrary to common believe, oily hair rather than dry hair, is more prone to producing dandruff. Those with oily hair should use a cleansing shampoo and steer clear of conditioning shampoos. If you have dandruff, a hot oil massage will not solve the problem. Experts suggest using anti-dandruff shampoos. Others recommend going to the beach and washing your hair with the salty water to deter dandruff.No matter what hair type you have, or what kind of hair problems you are experiencing, there is always a corresponding treatment. So take good care of your hair because it can make or break your personality.


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Romance and Finance by Alison Sardelli

For perhaps as long as love has been a part of human society, currency or trade have also played their parts; the two often cross paths, for better or worse and make for an interesting look at two of the most highly sought after fundamentals of our world.
Buying love with money: Phrasing the idea in such blunt terms is often a little off putting for many individuals who believe that love isn’t for sale. A gift given from person to another is not always the result of great expense, or in some cases any monetary expense at all, however in a world where the phrase time is money exists how can one eliminate the idea that a certain amount of affection or approval has just been, for all intents and purposes, purchased? It can be difficult to determine a person’s feelings for another where money is involved. Most people would agree that gifts are a healthy expression of individuals’ feelings, but would at the same time be offended by the idea that love can be purchased for the right price. If we look back not too many years ago, at a world where women in particular, though not exclusively, found that without the aid of a husband or relative they were nearly unable to support themselves it is easy to understand how such feelings could indeed be purchased. Considering the level of poverty so many people shared, the idea that a person could break free from such living conditions through the generosity (or sometimes just lust,) of another person would have extreme and lasting emotional consequences. In many cases, a prosperous marriage meant not only that a woman would never go hungry again, but that her family would also be provided for. While in some of these examples real love may have originated without the involvement of wealth; many of them were simply a trade, beautiful daughter or son, in exchange for financial security. In some cases this would be referred to as lust not love, but for many people the overwhelming sense of desire can easily be perceived as just such an emotion. Where some of these relationships may have begun with a pretty face or attractive body, the desire to take care of and provide for an individual suggests feelings that run a little deeper than pure desire. Though the idea may not be particularly appealing to many, it does beg the question: can love be bought?
Lust for sale? Amoral to some and illegal in many places the concept of buying a little physical action from a person for a set price is one of the oldest topics of debate throughout the world. Whether you believe it wrong or right, or simply don’t think about it, purchasing desire has been widely available in every country throughout the world as far back as any records can show. While lust does not share many of the same feelings with love it has certain powerful qualities that have driven many men and women to reach deep into their pocket books. In this case the person making the purchase is unlikely to invoke feelings of love from the person they are paying, but is it possible that some emotional attachment, some facsimile of love will come with it? Though it might be in many ways false love, the illusion can be extremely convincing. This is example of just how convincing can be seen in the well known gold digger, though perhaps not a very flattering term to use the concept is quite accurate: a person who marries are aligns themselves with another person who has the means to care for them, in many cases more than care for, providing substantial wealth. Though some might say there is a difference between a prostitute and a person who marries for money, it can be difficult to know where the line is drawn. On the other hand, a person who is attracted to another, at least in part, because that person could provide a comfortable, even lavish lifestyle, can hardly be blamed for finding the prospect appealing. Is it wrong to be attracted to a person for their money? Is it wrong to use your wealth in an attempt to attract others? These questions are ages old and yet still without definite answers from almost every society. Putting legalities aside, for most reasonable people it presents quite problem: is it fair to judge others for how they wish to live their lives? Most would say no. On the other hand the idea of selling sex for money has for many years been associated with other illegal and sometimes dangerous activities that tend take place in the same locations. Amoral or not, it is a true reflection of our growth as a society that these desires often outweigh logic; whether for or against, the emotional response is usually one sided and without thought to the oppositions’ feelings or opinions.
Money and relationships: It has been recorded numerous times that one of the most common reasons for couples splitting up is finance. Some attempt to avoid this issue by keeping separate bank accounts and treating the relationship, in terms of money, more like a roommate situation than a romantic one. In other situations one person entirely supports another financially while the other remains at home, perhaps attending school, pursing a creative profession or even more commonly to raise a family. However you and your partner have decided to address your financial decisions during stressful moments problems can be difficult to avoid. A few tips to keep in mind when dealing with this issue:
Financial difficulty cannot always be attributed to one or both people; in certain situations it can be extremely difficult to deal with poverty or limited funds, remember not to place blame simply because the situation is frustrating.
If trying to cut back on overspending, remember to cut on equal sides; it can be a stressful endeavor to eliminate certain excess from your life, remember that your partner feels the same way about their own.
However terrible the situation, try to find things to laugh about with each other, it won’t be easy but it can help to create a feeling of unity.
If one person is supporting another and this situation met with approval on both sides, don’t throw blame out simply because financial problems have occurred by reminding a person that they are not bringing an income into the relationship, especially for those that accomplish a great deal at home, though it might not be paid work, it can be extremely hurtful and will not be forgotten even if the situation improves.
Do not try to hide financial problems from your significant other; often these issues are much better to face as a solid unit and a great deal of stress can be eliminated by sharing the burden.
Forcing your partner to bear the positive attitude so that you can continue to panic or sulk is also unhelpful; regardless of your usual dynamic, try to be strong for your partner in these unhappy times.
When possible, if nothing can be done at the time to correct the situation, seek distraction with your partner, putting distance, at least temporarily between your relationship and finances.
Will the ties between money and love ever come to an end? Most likely not, as long as our society continues to include both aspects in it. To keep one from injuring the other requires patience, understanding and at times, accepting what you don’t understand. The long history for both weaves an intricate web of human development that is still just as alluring and confusing today as it was thousands of years ago

An Introduction To Sun Protection

Sun protection isn't just for sissies. Protection from the sun's damaging rays is important for anyone who wants to grow old gracefully. It's also an absolute must for anyone who wants to limit his or her risk of developing skin cancer. People are finally beginning to realize that although sunshine is an important component of most outdoor activities and a great mood enhancer, excessive exposure can lead to much unpleasantness. A painful sunburn is the most immediate consequence of excess exposure. Long term, excess exposure can damage the skin making it prone to wrinkling and worse, the development of skin cancer.When Do You Need Sun Protection?Doctors will tell you that sun protection is needed all the time and they're right. Realistically however it's important anytime you'll be outdoors between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, when the sun is at its highest.People don't realize that they can still burn even though the sun isn't shining. Overcast days are some of the worst times for being in the sun unprotected. And because ultraviolet rays can reflect off certain surfaces, people need protection from the sun when snow covers the ground and also when in the water, when lying or playing on the sand and even when on a cement or grass surface. Understanding UV Rays Ultraviolet rays are the different wavelengths of energy that are produced by the sun. Even though harmful, the sun's energy is necessary to all human life. Fortunately, as life on earth has evolved so has the capacity to tolerate UV rays. The most important protection against the damaging ultraviolet rays is the ozone layer - a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs most of the various types of UV rays before they reach the earth's surface. Most of this radiation or energy from the sun is invisible to the naked eye. The fact that the radiation is mostly invisible is likely the reason why the sun can be so harmful. It's hard to convince a person to protect against something that can't be seen. Of the ultraviolet rays, the two that are responsible for skin damage are UVA and UVB rays. The sun also generates UVC rays, but fortunately these extremely damaging rays cannot penetrate the ozone layer and therefore pose no threat to humans. The longer and more prevalent of the two, UVA rays are responsible for long-term skin damage because they absorb deep into the skin. Their strength remains uniform regardless of the time of day or time of year. UVB rays are shorter and are what causes skin to tan or sunburns. Our bodies need UVB rays to produce Vitamin D, an important vitamin. Their strength varies based on time of day, time of year, altitude and also distance from the equator.The UV Index is a scale measuring from 0 – 11 (low to extreme) and it's used to determine the intensity of the sun's radiation, particularly the likelihood that skin will or will not redden when exposed to the sun for various periods of time.

Skin Types – Dry Skin

Dry skin can be a blessing but more often it is troublesome. Those with dry skin generally need not worry about blemishes except for the occasional stray that appears from hormonal changes or stress. But dry skin looks dull and flaky. And worse, it can emphasize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Age and the environment are two factors that contribute to this skin type. Over time, the sebaceous glands within the dermis layer slow their production of sebum, the body's natural moisturizer. The skin's ability to retain moisture also lessens as we grow older. This is caused by the breakdown of the intracellular matrix, the collagen and elastin layer that helps hold skin tissue together. When this layer begins to break apart, it becomes more difficult for skin to hold in moisture. As moisture escapes, skin becomes drier.Other causes of dry skin include climates that are arid, windy and dry. Use of harsh soaps and detergents and too much unprotected exposure to the sun's damaging rays can also negatively influence skin. Genetics plays a role as well. How Do I Know I Have Dry Skin?First consider where you live. Windy areas and areas with low humidity cause dryness by stripping skin of its natural oils. Living in areas where winters are cold causes skin trouble as well. Even if you don't spend much time outdoors, interior heaters as well as air conditioning units in hot, dry climates can sap the air of moisture and cause dry skin. Visible indicators of dry skin include skin that flakes easily. Plus, dry skin often looks tight and taut because pore openings are very tiny. If you don't yet see these tell-tale signs of dry skin but you're at or approaching mid-life, it's time to start looking.Caring For Dry SkinIf you have dry skin, proper care involves retaining as much moisture as possible. One way is to avoid using products containing alcohol because alcohol dries. Recommended ingredients for dry skin include alpha hydroxy, lactic acids, petroleum, lanolin and glycerin so take time to read product labels. Dry skin won't always feel like it needs to be cleansed, but it does, twice daily, morning and night. Using a gentle cleanser made especially for skin that's dry, cleanse using warm, not hot water. Finish off with a cool rinse. It's never a good idea to use hot water to clean any type of skin or to soak in a tub because doing so will only strip skin of its natural oils. After washing your skin, pat it dry using a soft towel. Then apply a light moisturizer. Those containing Vitamin E are excellent choices. If you wear make-up choose foundations that contain the moisturizing ingredients mentioned above. Help keep skin hydrated by drinking water and increasing your consumption of high water content foods such as cucumbers and watermelon. Most fruits and vegetables are excellent hydrating foods plus they're excellent sources of important vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Antioxidants are crucial in helping maintain the skin's intracellular matrix.

How To Properly Clean Your Face With The Right Cleanser To Improve Your Skin’s Appearance

Cleansing the skin is essential, since grease, grime and pollution adhere to your skin and clog the pores, every time your body rids itself of toxins through perspiration. If you do not thoroughly clean your skin, it will feel tired and sluggish resulting in minor skin irritations and problems.Your skin type is determined by your age, sex, genes and environment. How you take care of your skin will show on your hands, face and body.It is never too late or too early to start caring for your skin - to accomplish that glow that enhances your beauty.Here Are Tips For Choosing The Correct Cleanser For Your Skin:- Shiny and oily skin that is susceptible to pimples and other blemishes should be cleansed by using a “foaming wash”: this offers a clean after using and will not strip your skin of its natural, beneficial oils.- Dry skin, with a tight feeling, no shine and no open pores, should be cleansed with“cleansing milk” which is formulated for dry skin. Dry skin needs a gentle cleansing formula that will add moisture and replace lost oil in the skin that is replenished by most cleansing milks.- Combination skin refers to skin having an oily “T zone”, meaning the forehead, mouth, chin and nose. This area of the skin normally has large and open pores and the cheeks are generally normal or dry. Use a cleansing gel to clean your face as will cleanse your skin gently and will not leave your skin harsh and dry after cleansing. - Mature skin or skin that which is losing its “elasticity”. With this type of skin, facial lines will be apparent on the skin’s surface the skin tends to be very dry. A vitamin “E” rich “cleansing milk” will be perfect for this skin type, it provides nourishment for your skin. Facial Peels, Scrubs And Exfoliants Scrubs and exfoliants are generally formulated with a creamy base that contains fine grainy elements. The finer grains, the more efficient it is in exfoliating the face as it lifts out dirt particles that clog the pores. Dermatologists recommend using peels, exfoliant and scrubs once a week to deeply clean the pores. Fine granule exfoliants are gentler on the face than those with larger granules that can irritate or scratch your skin. Peels are generally applied and left on the face to dry for approximately 15 minutes or so before peeling them off. Choose mild peels to avoid irritation.When problems arise during the use of these products, stop their use and immediately consult a dermatologist.

Simple Steps To Sexy Skin

If you do it right, your best makeup is your own skin’s natural glow.Nothing is sexier than healthy skin. Perhaps this is because everything that enhances the appearance (makeup, clothes) eventually has to be removed – that is, except skin: which is probably why so many people spend so much on skin care products. These products command a huge share of the amount spent on personal care and cosmetics. Spending for skin cosmetic procedures (like Dermabrasion and Botox) came to almost $2 billion in the past years.Believe it or not, you still can have great skin without spending a great amount of money on lotions, moisturizers and fancy treatments like chemical peels. All you need is some common sense, a little discipline and a lot of self-love.- Hydrate, Hydrate And Hydrate Some More.There is a reason why ¾ of your body is made up of water. Most of your organs (your skin included) need water to be able to function normally. So help your body by drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day (preferably 10). Sodas, tea and coffee do not count because they actually cause dehydration.- Keep Clean.Taking regular baths or showers and keeping your skin clean and fresh will give you that glow and provide exfoliation and blood circulation. Be careful not to over-scrub, though, as it forces premature skin to the surface. It may look good at first but the skin will age and become dull sooner.- Protect Your Skin And Allow It To Rest.Remember that your skin is the largest organ of your body: it is that part of the body that is most exposed to the elements, including harmful radiation from the sun. To combat this, stay away from sunlight during the hours of 10am to 3pm and wear sunscreen when going outdoors. With all that stress, you should allow your skin (and in essence, your entire body) the time it needs to recover and rebuild damaged cells in preparation for the following day. - Avoid Smoking And Drinking.Next to harmful UV rays, cigarettes and alcohol are the worst culprits of stealing your skin’s healthy youthful look. They add toxins to a body and shows not only on your skin but in the rest of your body as well.Having great skin need not be expensive, you just need to be smart and practical. In no time, your skin will get back that sexy glow


Wrinkles make a woman's body to look unattractive.It can also make a woman's body to become irritating.
Wrinkles are more noticeable on aging women. If an aging woman takes proper care of her body, wrinkles will not appear on her body at all. Since wrinkles make a woman's body to look unattractive, the husbands of the victims or sufferers can be tempted to admire other ladies or women outside their marriages who are wrinkle free.
You will discover that when you have wrinkles on your body,you will become uncormfortable and unhappy.
In addition, wrinkles make a woman to look older than her age. Because of these reasons,you must learn the secerets in which you can use to treat or fight winkles from your body.To get the book that can help you on this. send me an email at

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The size of the breasts tends to increase as a woman reaches the age of 35,particularly if she has been pregnant. Most of this enlargement is due to deposition of fat, and although the western culture approves of large breasts in a young woman,they are not so desirable in later years because instead of being high and firm,they are pendulous floppy. Exercises are of little help,in many cases,the large breasts cause no problems,except the pyschological one of feeling different.

When the breasts are very large,some women get high backache,others get shoulder pain,and because of the swings of the breasts during activities such as tennis or golf,some develop breasts pain. The size of the breasts can be reduced by surgery called reduction mammaplasty. The operation consist of removing an appropriate amount of breast tissue,and usually of moving the position of the nipple. Before deciding to have a reduction mammaplasty,a woman should take careful thought. She may decide that a well fitting bra is all she needs,but if she chooses surgery she needs to select a skilled plastic surgeon to obtain the results. by john njikanma


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The infanitile breast in both sexes consists of nipple which projects from a pinky surrounding area called the areola. Around the 10th or 11th year of life the areola bulges,and the nipple projects from the center. The development of the male breast ceases at these point,but the female breast develops further as the sex hormones(oestrogen and progesterone) are secreted by the ovaries.

The milk ducts,which grows inwards from the nipple,divided into smaller ducts and divide again to form tiny milk-secreting areas called allveoli. At thesame time fat is deposited arround the ducts,so that the breast becomes increasingly protuberant and conical-shaped. After puberty,the development is so rapid,and by the mid-teens the breasts have assumed their adult form,being rounded and firm. Infact,without the assistance of cosmetic surgery they are rarely as round and as firm as fantasies would have you believe.

When a young woman stands up,her breasts hang down slightly convex,joining the skin of the chest at an acute angel. Prenancy leads to a considerable growth of the ducts and the alveoli, and if the mother breast feeds her baby,the development is even greater. But in the majority of women the breasts return to their non-pregnant size and shape once lactation has ceased.

The adult breast is of variable size,the size having no relationship to the ability to breast feed.Small breast can produce as large milk as the large breasts. Anatomically the breasts is divided into 15 to 25 sections of an orange.Each lobe has its own duct system,which ends in dilated area under the areola and extending into the nipple. There are therefore 15 to 25 openings on the nipple.Going backward,the main ducts divide into still smaller ducts,and like the branchs of a tree,these ducts divide into still smaller ducts each of which ends in, and drains, a collection of 10 to 100 milk secreting areas.

The entire duct system is embeddedin a pad of fat,and it is this which gives the breast its shape. The ducts system of each lobe therefore resemble a tree,the alveoli being the leaves,the small ducts the branches, and the main duct the trunk.

During each menstrual cycle changes occur in the breasts,the ducts developing and the alveoli budding in the second half of the cycle.At thesame time fluid oozes into fatty tissue of the breasts so that they become firmer and heavier.In some women they may become tender and cause discomfort,which is most marked in the week before menstruation. This is not abnormal,but merely an exaggeration of the normal, and treatment will help.In a few women,the swelling and tenderness persist instead of dimminishing during menstruation and disappearing in the first half of the next menstrual cycle. The breasts remain tender and the gland tissue can be felt as irregular lumps. If this occurs,the woman should consult her doctor so that he or she may investigate fully and give her treatment to relieve her discomfort.

As the woman becomes older.the breasts tend to get larger and the fibrous tissue bands tend to stretch,so the breasts drop more.After the menopause,the ducts and aveoli become smaller, and the fat starts to go,so that in old age breasts become smaller,wrinkled and floppy. by john njikanma


Because of the strong sexual symbolism of the female breast in the western society,many young adults are concerned if their mammary development fails to equal that of their friends,or more important their favourite film or televission star.If the breasts have failed to develop at all, a doctor should be consulted or you consult me,but if the breasts have developed to some extend and menstruation has started,there is little that can be done to increase their size. Some women,beguiled by astute advertising,make use of costly oestrongen creams,rubbed assiduously into the breasts. If menstrual function is normal,enough oestrongen is being made by girl herself and extra oestrongen will do little,oestrogen only cause the growth of the ducts of the breasts. What the small breasted girl lacks is the pad of fat. Nothing,except a better diet,will deposit fat in the breasts. Of course,if the girl has a stooping posture,correction of this excercises to strengthen the pectoral muscle which lies under the breasts will give them the appearance of being larger by throwing them outwards.

A number of women seek the attention of plastic surgeons,who introduce silicone bags filled with saline between the breasts and the pectoral muscles. Obviously,this will make the breasts look larger,although it will not improve their functions in any way. Since the material is behind the breasts pushing them forward,their feel is unchanged,and the woman is still able to breast feed if she wishes to.

The operation may do a good deal to make an insecure woman feel more feminine and attractive,and provided the surgeon is skilled it can be most successful. An alternative method,in which a plastic substance is injected,should be avoided,as cancer has followed this technique in some cases. by john njikanma


Sexual abuse occurs when a woman is forced to have sex or to perform sexual practices without her consent. Studies show that between 10% to 30% of women have been physically abused sexually. More women have experienced visual verbal sexual abuse. In many cases the abuse was repeated continually,usually when the woman was a child or an adolescent and unable to resist.

In other case the sexual abuse started when the women was mature.Sexual abuse in childhood may be a factor in the development of eating disorders,depression,chronic pelvic pain and sexual problems,
Although it may be embarrassing and difficult to talk about sexual abuse,it helps to relieve the underlying distress if you can mention it. by john njikanma.

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Makeup Application-How to Achieve a Stunning Daytime Natural Look with Makeup by Saigon Li

Do you want to be a daytime diva? Are you ready for a look that is great for all of your daytime activities? Well, follow these steps for makeup application and achieve a stunning, yet natural daytime look. This is perfect for everyday wear and will be appropriate from the boardroom to a stroll in the park.
Use Tinted Moisturizer. For easy daytime wear, use a tinted moisturizer instead of a crème, powder, or liquid foundation. This is perfect for summer and will give your face a fresh dewy look. To give your face an added punch of color, use a crème blush and get an “inner glow” look. A great tinted moisturizer is LORAC’s ProtecTINT SPF 30 Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, and our pick for a crème blush is NARS Crème blush.
Add a Luscious Liner. Many may think that wearing eyeliner will negatively affect the “natural look” that you are going for, but it will only add to the effect if you use this trick. Apply liner to your upper lashes underneath instead of on top. Cake liners are a safe bet if you are new to makeup application. To apply, take an eyeliner brush and add the cake liner. Next, gently push the color up and underneath the roots of your top lashes. You have instantly created invisible definition and your eyes will look more open. If you are the more advanced makeup wearer, a liquid liner works great as well. A wonderful, eco-friendly liner is NVEY ECO Organic Cake Eyeliner. A liquid liner that I recommend is Givenchy Parad’Eyes Fluid Eye Liner.
Eye-Brightening Mascara. Touches of mascara can be used as an eye brightener. For women with light-eyes, layering brown mascara over blue will offer an eye brightening and more alert effect in a very subtle manner. For dark-eyed women, layer brown mascara over green to achieve the same effect. If you want volume that is buildable, Shu Uemura Precise Volume Mascara Waterproof is a customer favorite that works well with this technique.
Finish with a Natural-Colored Lip. A finishing touch to a natural face is at the center of the face, the lips! Using a lip pencil all over instead of lipstick will look sheer, natural, and be long lasting. You will want to use a natural colored lip pencil all over the lips, apply it in a light, feathering stroke to make it blend and almost disappear into the lips. To seal in the pencil, add gloss without shimmer and you will have a flawless look. Kevin Aucoin The Flesh Tone Lip Pencil and LORAC Gloss Stick are a dynamic duo that I always use.
Use these four tips to achieve the best natural look possible. Please note, as with any makeup technique, practice makes perfect. So after the first few times of trying, you will be able to effortlessly achieve this look and give the cover models on magazines a run for their money! As always, good luck and I know you will be a stunning daytime diva in no time.

Facial Cleanser Cream - An Important Part Of Your Beauty Regime by Emily Rae

One of the most important processes in regular skin care is a deep facial cleanser cream to lift out all of the impurities and environmental pollutants. Facial cleansers should be kind to your skin causing no harm. Not all skincare companies are concerned about this.Even well known companies add harmful cheap chemicals to their high priced products. This article is about safe, effective, high quality facial cleansers at an affordable cost.
A facial cleanser cream that that I want to inform you about contains all natural ingredients that are all beneficial to your skin.You can be rest assured that it does not contain any harmful chemicals.This product is suitable for all skin types. The ingredients it contains are listed as follows:
#1 Kaolin is a clay that is very effective in removing oil and grime from your skin.It is good for any inflammation and will heal blemishes and prevent new blemishes occurring.
#2 Bentone Gel comes from a special clay with coconut and palm oil to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.
#3 Macadamia oil will protect your skin from aging and is readily absorbed by your skin.
#4 Shea Butter is extracted from the seeds of the Shea tree using a cold press method so as not to lose any of the natural ingredients. Shea butter contains vitamins A and E plus fatty acids.It will naturally moisturize and leave your skin softer, will help reduce inflammation and is good for various skin conditions.
#5 Manuka Honey is unique to New Zealand. This beautiful honey is sent to Europe to be processed into a powder, in such a manner that none of the nutrients are destroyed . Manuka Honey is abundant in antioxidants to restore your skin from sun damage.It is also effective in healing skin conditions.
#6 Allantin will assist your skin in the renewing of cells. It is a compound extracted from the herbs comfrey and bearberry. It is also good if your skin is sensitive.
#7 CynergtTK is a especially patented natural ingredient that is scientifically proven to reverse the aging process.It stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin which begins to slow down with age helping your skin to stay firm and wrinkle free. Cynergy TK also contains a high concentration of antioxidants to reduce the effects of sun damage, scarring and other signs of aging.It also gives you a smooth, soft, creamy complexion.
#8 Vitamin E is a wonderful skin protector reducing the signs of aging. I am talking about natural Vitamin E, not a synthetic variety. Here, Vitamin E is added in very generous amounts, over twice the amount that most skin care companies provide.
So there you have it, a very effective facial cleanser to add to your beauty regime. Facial cleansers are indeed a very important in the anti aging process and you will certainly benefit from this extra deep facial cleanser cream.You have nothing to lose,except the toxins so to get more info please click on the link.

A Guide For Newbies Looking To Buy Mineral Makeup by Jean Morgan

Mineral makeup has been gaining so much popularity for the past three decades and with this, more and more women are starting to see the benefits that mineral makeup can offer for their skin. However, buying mineral makeup is not just about choosing the right shade or finding the right color of eye shadow that will fit your mood.Buying mineral makeup is quite a challenging task to carry out especially for the new users of this modern makeup trend because if you want to get the right mineral makeup for you, it entails sufficient familiarity with the product and all of its ingredients.Compare Different Mineral Makeup BrandsBefore buying a mineral makeup, compare first the different brands available. All of these brands may claim to be the best for your skin care needs but be sure to start your comparison with the ones that your dermatologist may have recommended or perhaps try those that offer a few days of makeup trials to assure if they have the right features in their mineral makeup to suit your skin care demands.Check On The Company's Refund PolicyIt is also important to consider the refund policy of the cosmetic company where you are planning to buy the mineral makeup. Some mineral makeups can cost you quite a considerable amount of money so there should be an assurance for you that once you are unsatisfied of the results that the mineral makeup did for you, you must be refunded of the same amount you paid for when you were still at the point expecting the high quality results that you will be getting out of using their product.This scheme is also a good way to check out the mineral makeup's effect on your skin and when it does not serve its purpose, definitely, it is not the right one for you.Evaluate The IngredientsCheck out the label and evaluate the ingredients of the mineral makeup. This is an important step that you should not forget to do. There are some mineral makeup, even those that are already clinically tested, proven and recommended by dermatologists that still contain ingredients suspected to cause skin irritations and other skin problems. Some of these include talc, Ferric Ferrocyanide, Bismuth Oxychloride, parabens and other ingredients that should be avoided to prevent getting your skin damaged.Be Aware Of Your Skin ToneYou should also be well aware of the skin tone that you have. Like other conventional chemical-based makeup, mineral makeup also comes in a wide variety of tones from the lightest to the darkest. If you already chose a brand where you will buy your mineral makeup, choose the shade or color that will best match your skin tone. Shades that are very light or very dark when applied on the skin will tend to create a mask-like effect which makes it obvious that you are wearing a makeup. It defeats the purpose of mineral makeup where you should be looking like you are not wearing any makeup at all.By the time you get to know these things, you are already equipped to get the mineral makeup that is best for you. The mineral makeup industry is already one that is continually growing in size and thus, you would not have a hard time finding the one that you are looking for since you are already provided with a lot of retail options for you to choose from.

Make Your Small Breasts Look Bigger And Fuller Without The Risks by Janet Martin

In magazines and movies, you will rarely see women who have small breasts. The firmer and perkier breasts are, the better they seem to look. But in reality, not everyone is blessed with ample chests. And not all women with not-so-flattering boobs want to undergo cosmetic surgeries just to feel more attractive and desirable. Besides, breast enhancement procedures have a lot of risks and may be costly too.
If you are one of the millions who are hoping to have bigger looking breasts without the risks and the expenses, then you are in for a treat. Read and follow the tips below and you will surely have bigger looking boobs in no time.
1. Exercise
Don't ever think that you can have great-looking breasts without breaking a sweat. If you want to have bigger boobs, you need to have flatter abs. Even if you are wearing a size D, if your tummy is bigger than your boobs, they will still look smaller than they really are. So exercise and aspire for flatter abs.
There are also exercises that can strengthen and firm up your chest muscles. Pectoral muscles will not increase your breast size, but they will surely help firm up your boobs. So go ahead do some push-ups and other exercises that could help shape your chest muscles.
2. Know Your Right Fit
A lot of women are afraid to seek help when it comes to fitting their bra. This is perfectly all right if you are too afraid to try things out and determine the right size of undergarment for you. Many women are not wearing the right size of brassiere and, as a result, their breasts look saggy. If you want to make your breasts look bigger and fuller, then you need to know the perfect cup size for you.
3. Mind Your Posture
Look around you and see that women who are slouching or do not have a very good posture tend to appear to have smaller boobs and bigger tummies. The right way to stand or sit is to put your chest out and your tummy in. Do not be afraid to show to the world that you have boobs, no matter how small.
4. Go For Padding, Push Ups And Inserts
Push-ups and padding are important accessories that you need to know how to use. Push-up bras can give you the cleavage you want while pads can give you the shape and bulk you need to make your chest look a lot bigger. You may also want to consider using a water bra or an air bra because they also work as well as push-ups and padding. Inserts, on the other hand, are useful in conjunction with special bras. The most natural looking inserts you can use are silicone inserts.
5. Choose Your Tops Well
Another way for you to show an illusion of big breast is by choosing your top wisely. For blouses, a fitted one with a narrow v-neckline can help emphasize your boobs. Ruffles, wide lapels, breast pockets, and laces are also good designs that will add to the bulk of your chest, giving it an illusion of having a bigger size. However, be sure to stay away from flowing and big blouses.
For tees, look for ones that have asymmetrical or high necklines. Sleeveless shirts are also ideal if you have slim arms. But be sure to stay away from tees that have too deep necklines and are big and loose.
6. Try Out Topical Breast Enhancing Products
There are many breast-enhancing lotions available in the market that can help you increase your breast size a little bit. Just make sure that the one you choose is recommended by experts and is made from natural ingredients. One breast enhancement cream that has been used by many is Clevastin. Know more about this product by visiting

What's so Appealing about Oral Sex? by Sandra Prior

He kisses you, sensually and passionately. He undresses you deftly. He draws you into bed, into his arms, and expertly caresses your naked skin. Then, with a sexy little smile, he slides his chest down your body, nudges your legs apart and lowers his head for what is to be a lengthy and brilliant cunnilingus performance, entirely for your pleasure.
It's at this point you stifle a yawn and think, 'Well, I hope he won't be down there for long.' When on the receiving end of oral sex, women seem to fall into two camps; after ten minutes of it, some are yelping in orgasmic ecstasy; the rest are reminding themselves to add bin liners to the shopping list.
Going Down?
What's so great about oral sex? Why do men lavish so much time on it? For most women, oral sex surely pales into boringness when compared to the genuine variety. There's none of that skin-on-skin contact with your lover, no naughty lovespeak murmured into each other's ears. You have to lie back like a hospital patient and watch the top of his head, making appropriate moans so he knows you appreciate his effort.
Men spend hundreds of wasted hours per annum going down and performing fancy tongue tricks they've learnt from the how-to-pages of adult magazines. How do you tell a man you prefer a soupcon of oral sex to an all-you-can-eat buffet? A couple of my friends agree that it's time we come clean; boys, while you're burrowing in our Brazilians, we occasionally check our watches. Call it too much of a good thing. Secretly, we just want to skip the foreplay marathons and have sex.
I don't know what men are thinking. They seem to think it's so wonderful and women are so appreciative. It's just very... slimy. Now if a guy would put the same amount of energy into kissing - that would really work.
Give and Take
The root of the problem might be the fact that men love to receive oral sex. A man will walk 500 miles for a blow job, so maybe they're just trying to share what they love with women. Guys automatically assume whatever they like, other people will like. Women are different; we try to find out what other people like and do that.
Sure, there are some women who claim they can only orgasm via oral sex, but why should a minority group spoil the fun for the rest of us? Give it to us - but 5 minutes maximum, please. In the meantime girls, open wide and say Arrrgh.
About the Author
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Learn the Art of Seduction So You Will Need a Condom Tonight by Agostino Rossi

You've been thinking about this evening for quite a while. You've come up with some creative, romantic ideas to set the stage for an evening she will remember for a long, long time. Let's make sure you have everything you need for not only memories, but also for a long night of great sex.
You haven't known each other long, but she's really hot. Just as your doorbell rings, you've finished your preparations to get to know her a whole lot better. You already have the wine poured. As she steps through your door she smiles at the flickering candlelight and the perfect music you have playing in the background.
She seems a little surprised that you are dressed so well since you told her it was going to be a very casual meal. You asked her to dress comfortably. You smile and tell her she's dressed perfectly.
You guide her to stand next to a chair or sofa, and she smiles brightly when you tell her you have a surprise for her before dinner. Your surprise is something she least expects, a dress you've picked out especially for her, reflecting your taste, judgment and insight into her personality. The evening is less than five minutes old and she's already impressed with your style and thinking she might like to start with dessert!
You don't bother to let her know how easy it was to get a great price and a stylish selection online at Hollywood Exoticwear. You didn't need to find a parking space, fight the crowds or talk to the sales staff in the women's clothing store, but that's a little detail that can remain your secret.
If you've already gained her trust, and she enjoys the unexpected, instead of just giving her the dress and asking her to put it on, you gently put a blindfold on her, and then begin to undress her. She giggles a little, holds onto the chair to keep her balance, and maybe even asks if the two of you are alone. She's impressed with your boldness, and definitely getting hungry for dessert. Once she is completely nude, you resist the temptation to touch, and just help her put on the dress she still hasn't seen, still blindfolded, and without bothering with the unnecessary encumbrance of underwear.
Once she's had a chance to admire how she looks, you invite her to dine with you. Of course you've already prepared a tasty meal designed to help set just the right seductive tone. She's amazed at your skill as a chef. You ask her questions and listen to her and she doesn't even notice that the two of you are mostly talking about what she is interested in.
Dinner is over, the mood is very relaxed, and you surprise her yet again with an invitation to dance. Little does she know that you've taken care to pick out just the right music for her seduction. As you dance, you notice how her new dress compliments her curves and the grace of her movements, especially without a bra or even a thong. You caress her hair, kiss her gently and tell her how beautiful she is as your hands become more bold in their exploration.
Soon you guide your soon-to-be lover to her next surprise, a specially designed, and very comfortable little item that's a cross between a cushion and a stool. It tilts, tips, dips and flips. It is called the Liberator Scoop. It has a wild and supportive shape all rolled into one. On one side you have a rocking platform for anything-goes sex. It adds motion to the mix, making erotic encounters anything but predictable. Then there's the sensitive side of the Scoop, a comfortable, graceful curve that supports the spine for slow, tender sex.
If you need a creativity boost before you dance your lovely partner into bliss, before the candles are lit, spend a little time with the best advice on great sex ever written, straight from the wisdom of the East, The Pocket Kama Sutra.
Now, you really need a Good Supply of Condoms. It's up to you to continue the plot of this story: with yourself as the hero. To make sure the plot of your own special story gets more and more interesting, be sure to try a variety of both condoms and flavored lubricants, such as Kama Sutra Weekender Kit Strawberry Lubricant. The only limit is your imagination.
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What Is Expected Of You During The First Date

You have just sported a potential date and you are trying to work out the likelihood of a success in this one after having had two consecutive dates which yielded nothing. You have her telephone number and you are supposed to call her and organize for the first date. What is disturbing your mind is the choice of the time to call and invite her for the date. "Will it be too soon to call her now? Or may be take one week before i call?" This are some of the questions in your mind. I have heard many of my lady friends complaining that after they give phone numbers. Many guys do not call, they just keep them in their diaries until sometimes the girl is forced to call back. Make sure you identify the best bar or park to meet and familiarize yourself with the place before the first date. Let it not be a place that is new to you, she may need your assistance on the material day and you will score highly if you are familiar with the environment.
Make sure that what you intend to do or discuss with her is very clear. It may look very odd for you to appear on the first date not knowing exactly what the objective of the meeting is. Call her in advance and book her for the day you think is fine with both of you. Women spend a lot of time thinking about men and their calls. sometimes it is not even what the man will say on the phone but just to hear the voice and that would keep her spirits high for some time. If you have gotten a ladies number and you are sure she is waiting for the call just call within the next few days and am sure she will be very happy to hear from you. Make sure you agree on the time and the place to meet and it must be convenient for both of you. Good grooming is very essential, make sure your hair is trimmed very well the day before. The cloths that you are going to wear must be chosen in advance and well ironed. Incase anything happens and you have to cancel the first date make sure it is done a day before to avoid inconveniencing her.
During the first date make sure you are at the venue of the meeting ten minutes before the actual time. This gives you enough time to prepare yourself psychologically and physically for the actual meeting. Calm down, relax and take a bottle of soft drink. Its wise to go for a soft drink because you don't know exactly what is her view on hard drinks. Have an idea of what her hobbies are. If not you should try and do more of listening when you meet for the first few minutes. This will give you an opportunity to access and gauge what her tastes in life are. Make sure even after the few minutes of the meeting you do not dominate the talk give her enough time to tell you what she has in store for you. Women admire good listeners and the moment you give her your ears and appreciate her view of life you will have succeeded in winning her heart. Your score will be very high during this first date. Take this time to complement her for the way she is dressed or if she has something else that you find unique. She will feel so much liked and honored and you will likely break the ice over those good remarks.
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Vital Insights on How to Apply Eye Makeup.

Do you want to look enticing at all times? How important to you are your eyes and the cosmetics that you put therein? The overused cliché says that the eye is the mirror to the soul. But it is the eye makeup that gives life to your eyes. Mind you, the eyes are one of the most vital parts of the human face so you must ensure that what you put therein is perfect. Hence, in terms of how to apply eye makeup, you need to be very cautious and choosy.
Cosmetic experts believe that the most ideal are those eyes that are almond shaped. Hence, the tendency of many is to utilize the cosmetic products and they experiment with both the light and dark hues to achieve that perfect shape. Thus, here are the most essential tips that would educate you on how to apply eye makeup.
The Eye Shadow Application
Whatever color of eye shadow you intend to apply on your eyes, you better follow these pointers to be able to perfectly do it.
Make use of a brush that has a fine and then a blunt end. Apply the base color first onto the whole eyelid starting from the inside part towards the outside part and then from that of the base of the eye lashes towards the crease of the eyelids.
If you would want the more defined look for your eyes, you could mix a darker shade therein the eyelid crease lines. The dark hue is able to provide more profundity to your eyes.
Use the light shade of eye makeup for your brow bone. It enables the eyes to look wider. The application of the eye cosmetic is firstly applied on the very dominant area before it is mixed up going to the brows and down towards the curves and the eyelid pleats.
As a caution, test out the colors that you want to use on the back of your hand. You can experiment by up to 4 colors as long as they can be paired off really well. The pale tones are able to emphasize the look all the more whereas the deep shades are able to provide a more precise definition. These are the reminders on how to apply eye makeup with the use of eye shadow.
The Eyeliner Application
The eyeliner can either be in the liquid or pencil form. Here are the significant tips on how to apply eye makeup using the eyeliner.
For the liquid eyeliner, you need to test the color using the back of your own hand. The intensity of the color would depend on the pressure that you put in. Your elbow should be held steadily as you rest it on a flat plane. Again, start the application from the inside portion going to the outside part. Be sure that the line is lighter and goes evenly towards the corners of both eyes to achieve a wide and round eye shape. However, if you do sweep the line up and then out, the outcome would be an exotic appeal. To further soften the effect, use a cotton bud for the smudges on the edges of the eyes.
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On television and movies, women are portrayed as voluptuous vixens that need to be adored for their beautiful and sexy body. However, in the real world, women are actually not perfect and are inflicted with so many aesthetic problems.
One problem that many women complain about is their sagging breasts. In fact, some new mothers are afraid to breastfeed their children for fear that their boobs will droop because of frequent tugging and pulling, which are common when breastfeeding an infant. Although this is a common misconception, members of the female gender who want to maintain the fullness of the breasts still do not want to gamble.
Unless you have breast implants, there is a huge possibility that your breast will sag eventually, especially if you have naturally full breasts. The skin surrounding your chest will lose its elasticity in due course. Women who also jog and perform strenuous exercises without using proper sports bra may also see their boobs head south in a few years. Lastly, those whose weight fluctuates every so often are also likely candidates for sagging breasts.
Although implants or breast enlargement surgery can help you with your problem, such operations are expensive, painful and not always safe. But if you do not want to go under the knife, you do not have to despair. There is actually hope for sagging breasts. Read on and discover what you can do to help make your boobs appear perkier and fuller in no time at all.
Wear Proper Undergarments
Prevention is always better than cure. The same is true with regard to you breasts. If you do not want them to sag any further, you need to wear proper bra for different activities. If you think you will be performing an activity that will make your boobs shake up and down, you have to wear a good sports bra for maximum support. The jiggling and shaking could make your problem worse.
Exercise Your Chest Muscles
It is important to note that making your chest muscles firm will not make your breast become bigger and fuller. However, it will help make them appear perkier and more alert. Push-ups and lifting of dumbbells will help work out your chest muscles.
Mind Your Posture
While you are sipping your coffee inside your favorite restaurant or café, look out the window and observe the posture of women who are passing by. You will realize that those who are slouching, with their shoulders bent, seem to have either smaller chest or sagging boobs. On the contrary, those who have upright postures seem to have fuller and bigger breasts. So what do you have to do if you are already suffering from not-so-perky boobs? You have to stand and sit up straight all the time. Remember, stomach in and chest out!
Maintain Your Weight
If you want to maintain the firmness of your breasts, you need to maintain your weight. If you gained a lot of pounds and you think you have to lose weight because of health reasons, make sure that your weight loss is not sudden. It would also be better to incorporate exercise and weight lifting in your weight loss plan. Losing 25 pounds in just two weeks can be awesome, but when you are older, your skin is not that elastic anymore so it won't be able to cope with such fast weight loss. As a result, you will find hanging and wrinkly skin on your tummy, thighs, arms, and breasts.
Using breast firming or enlarging creams can also help perk up your drooping boobs. Just make sure that the product you pick and use is safe and all natural.
About the Author
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Women love to look beautiful. Make-up has been a staple of this practice and society for as long as living memory. Even the most uncivil societies on this planet use make-up in one form or another. Nail polish is but one example of how women attempt to add a bit of flair to their appearance. Nail polish, like other make-ups, can be harsh on the skin and the ways that we go about removing it can hurt the derma, or surface of the skin.
Nail polish remover is alcohol based and can, and usually does, hurt the fingernail. The alcohol base in commercial nail polish remover can dry out the nail causing it to turn white or crack. These removers also can cause damage to the cuticle of the finger leaving it red, agitated, and hurting. There is also a risk of one being allergic to the harsh astringent found in them.
The astringent found in commercial nail polish remover is a substance known as acetone, a chemical that dries the nail bed and cuticle. The nail can turn white, become brittle and flake apart. Many feel that it is the polish itself that causes the damage when, in fact, it is the nail polish remover and more importantly the acetone that is contained in it.
Over a short period of time there have been new nail polish removers coming onto the market that are being labeled as “NON-ACETONE”. These removers use a chemical known as ethyl acetate to replace the acetone. Unfortunately, both chemicals can actually kill you, can cause cancer, birth defects and are unfriendly to the environment. They also damage the cuticles and nail bed due to the massive drying out that occurs from their use.
There has to be a way to clean your nails without worrying if doing so will kill you, cause a birth defect or hurt your nail.
Enter Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover Wipes. What makes them better? They contain no alcohol, acetone or ethyl acetate. They have no migraine-inducing smell and are even environmentally safe. They are also easier to carry and offer no chance of spilling in your purse or all over your clothes during use. The wipes use a type of all natural paint thinner to break down the components of the polish thus cleaning it off your nails. The wipes come in pleasing fragrances and are laced with
Vitamin E to strengthen your nails so that future nail growth will be stronger and healthier.
To summarize, non-acetone nail polish remover wipes work better and are safer because:
• They are non-toxic
• They are clean and easy to use
• They are non-flammable
• They are hypo-allergenic
• They are non-carcinogenic
• They are organic and biodegradable
• They smell GREAT!
• They will not dry out nails or cuticles
• They nourish nails with Vitamin E
Now that you know the TRUTH about your common, every day acetone-based nail polish remover, you can make the right choice, the SAFEST choice, when it's time to redo your nails. Acetone is unhealthy for you and for your nails, plain and simple.
Non-acetone based nail polish remover wipes are simply your safest bet to give your nails and your skin a healthy glow that lasts a lifetime.
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With breast enhancement being such a big issue with many women, it has been understandable as to why in the past the invasive surgical procedures have long been so popular. But along with the miraculous wonders of modern medicine and the on going advancements of plastic surgeries all together, there are still many hidden dangers directly involved with these types of procedures.
Plastic surgery is so much more complicated than what many women realize until they are delving into all of the research and studies of the complications and health risks that goes with those new breasts. There are many more real horror stories than that of what is openly revealed to the common public. Not only is there a long period of time of overall surgical recovery, but the number of infections that is so common to be a part of breast augmentation surgical proceedings should also be a huge concern when considering breast enhancement surgery.
There are too, so many other problems that may occur right away after getting those new breasts or even months to years down the road. The breasts can shift or leak, causing all kinds of problems and the need for another surgery to fix the issue. There can be the hardening of the scar tissue that will change the fell or placement of one or even both breasts, which will also give need for another surgical procedure. Even if none of the worst scenarios actually happen, there is often a loss of feeling within one or both of the breasts, and this can truly dampen the sex life for some women.
So with all this and more when it comes to breast enhancement through surgery, why would a woman still choose this method for larger breasts? Some women have always longed for plumber or larger breasts to better fit their clothing, but for others it is to place back what gravity and time has taken away. But what these women need to know is that there are now non-invasive breast enhancement products that really do work and are readily available to all women today.
Breast enhancement now comes as simple and easy as just a daily vitamin would be or a piece of breath freshening gum is to use. There are all herbal breast enhancement chewing gums that will give the permanent results of real breast growth and a more enhanced firmness. The same with the natural breast enhancement supplements that is now readily available. So put invasive surgery out of mind and start exploring the healthier ways of permanent breast enhancement.
Along with these breast enhancement products being so easily accessible, they are just as easy to use. Take the breast enhancement chewing gum for example; all that is required for permanently fuller, plumper, and even a cup size larger breast is to chew the gum for 15 minutes three times a day. Now how easy is that to do daily! The results are forever, all though the need for the gum is not, and after only a few weeks of using to a few months, there will be breast enhancement results to enjoy!
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Breast size is an important component of a woman's appearance. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries amongst women and those with small breasts, or who have lost breast tissue through pregnancy or lactation, or who have had mastectomies, may opt for this type of surgery. Breast augmentation is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else's desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image.
Many want to enhance their body contour and feel, for personal reasons, that their breast size is too small. Natural breast enhancement methods are becoming a more popular method for women who want to have firmer and fuller breasts. Natural breast enhancement is a way to enhance your breasts with none of the risks involved with surgical procedures, but as with all products, needs careful research first.
Natural breast enhancement cream is used either to enlarge breasts or treat sagging breasts by improving their elasticity and making them firmer. Natural breast enhancements are possible now without the costly, risk prone and painful method of breast enhancing surgery, all you got to do is take an informed decision.
Natural breast enhancements are possible now without the costly, risk prone and painful method of breast enhancing surgery, all you got to do is take an informed decision. Embrace breast enhancement is a valuable option for women who want to enhance their appearance, with realistic expectations in mind. Herbal breast enhancement is therefore being looked at as a much more viable option. It's easy to understand why this method of breast enhancement is quickly becoming the preferred method of bust line enhancement compared to painful, expensive surgical procedures.
Natural breast enhancement is usually an all-natural herbal supplement, therefore, individuals probably won't experience any side effects. It generally relies on plant estrogens. It is a perfect solution for women who aren't interested or willing to have a surgical breast enhancement procedure. Both the pills and cream are made from naturally occurring herbs and Getting natural breast enlargement pills to work and deliver the results they claim, stick with whatever program the manufacturer has advised you to. The primary benefits of natural breast enhancement are safety and convenience.
For many women, one of the most exciting benefits of a breast enhancement procedure is the wide spectrum of clothing options that becomes available. For those who want breast enhancement but don't want implants, there are other options to consider. When it comes to breast augmentation, information is power because knowing all your options will help you make the very best decisions. Check out all the options, including natural breast enhancement methods.
More and more women are learning that Embrace is the program they need to help them get the attention they deserve. It is a natural approach specially formulated to produce results.Lets see how enlargement supplement like Embrace can make you smile and feel wonderful.
There is an unwritten law among friends, that we don't let each other doubt that breast size is important. Womens breast are certainly a common object of male sexual thoughts and fantasies, so I guess that this is the primary reason why many sexually active young and older women would still contemplate on undergoing aesthetic breast augmentation.
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Natural breast enhancements are possible now without the costly, risk prone and painful method of breast enhancing surgery, all you got to do is take an informed decision. Paul Rodgers specializes in marketing natural health and beauty products. Find out more about Natural breast enhancements.
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