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On television and movies, women are portrayed as voluptuous vixens that need to be adored for their beautiful and sexy body. However, in the real world, women are actually not perfect and are inflicted with so many aesthetic problems.
One problem that many women complain about is their sagging breasts. In fact, some new mothers are afraid to breastfeed their children for fear that their boobs will droop because of frequent tugging and pulling, which are common when breastfeeding an infant. Although this is a common misconception, members of the female gender who want to maintain the fullness of the breasts still do not want to gamble.
Unless you have breast implants, there is a huge possibility that your breast will sag eventually, especially if you have naturally full breasts. The skin surrounding your chest will lose its elasticity in due course. Women who also jog and perform strenuous exercises without using proper sports bra may also see their boobs head south in a few years. Lastly, those whose weight fluctuates every so often are also likely candidates for sagging breasts.
Although implants or breast enlargement surgery can help you with your problem, such operations are expensive, painful and not always safe. But if you do not want to go under the knife, you do not have to despair. There is actually hope for sagging breasts. Read on and discover what you can do to help make your boobs appear perkier and fuller in no time at all.
Wear Proper Undergarments
Prevention is always better than cure. The same is true with regard to you breasts. If you do not want them to sag any further, you need to wear proper bra for different activities. If you think you will be performing an activity that will make your boobs shake up and down, you have to wear a good sports bra for maximum support. The jiggling and shaking could make your problem worse.
Exercise Your Chest Muscles
It is important to note that making your chest muscles firm will not make your breast become bigger and fuller. However, it will help make them appear perkier and more alert. Push-ups and lifting of dumbbells will help work out your chest muscles.
Mind Your Posture
While you are sipping your coffee inside your favorite restaurant or café, look out the window and observe the posture of women who are passing by. You will realize that those who are slouching, with their shoulders bent, seem to have either smaller chest or sagging boobs. On the contrary, those who have upright postures seem to have fuller and bigger breasts. So what do you have to do if you are already suffering from not-so-perky boobs? You have to stand and sit up straight all the time. Remember, stomach in and chest out!
Maintain Your Weight
If you want to maintain the firmness of your breasts, you need to maintain your weight. If you gained a lot of pounds and you think you have to lose weight because of health reasons, make sure that your weight loss is not sudden. It would also be better to incorporate exercise and weight lifting in your weight loss plan. Losing 25 pounds in just two weeks can be awesome, but when you are older, your skin is not that elastic anymore so it won't be able to cope with such fast weight loss. As a result, you will find hanging and wrinkly skin on your tummy, thighs, arms, and breasts.
Using breast firming or enlarging creams can also help perk up your drooping boobs. Just make sure that the product you pick and use is safe and all natural.
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