Monday, August 25, 2008


The sexual response of a woman can be divided into four phases, which are: excitement phase, the plateau phase, the phase of orgasm, and the phase of resolution. In these section now, i will be discussing the first one on roll, which i have stated above ( excitement phase)

Excitement phase: This is initiated more by bodily contact with the male than by visual stimuli, although the sight of an attractive male may play some part. Sexual arousal varies in women depending on the time of the month. Many women have a heightened sexual interest at certain times, often at midcycle or just before and during menstration, but no consistent pattern can be determined. Tradition has held that sexual intercourse during menstruation is dangerous because the tissues are more fragile and liable to infection, but probably really because of the old bible law which held a woman to be unclean during menstruatral circle.

This is unfortunate because some women are particularly aroused sexually at this time. There is no medical reason why a woman who desires sexual intercourse during mensturation should not have it. The tissues are not more fragile, nor is infection more likely to occur. There is no danger and the woman is not unclean.

The excitement phase of a woman tends to be slowerto reach its peak, and to last longer, than that of a man. During it her nipple become erect, and the areola around them become swollen dusky. Her clitoris increases in size, mainly in width, and ;lips around the vaginal entrance become softer and thicker as they become congested with blood,forming soft swellings. These changes vary in degree from woman to woman.

At thesame time as these events are occurring, fluid seeps through the layers of tiny cells which makes up the vaginal wall, so that the vaginal becomes lubricated. Two small glands which lie near the opening of the vagina also secrete fluid, so that both the vagina and the entrance become moist and slippery. If the man attempts to introduce his penis before the fluid has been secreted and the area become lubricated,coitus( intercourse) may be painful. This is one reason, but not the only one, for women"s partner to stimulate her by kissing and caressing her, until she is sexually excited. Simultaneously the tissues surrounding the lower one third of the woman"s vagina become swollen with blood, so that soft,warm,cushions form which will caress the man"s penis as it enters the vagina. john njikanama

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