Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In this modern age of instant communication and finger talking (Texting) at what point is this cheating when you see your significant other talking to the opposite sex? This question cannot be easily answered especially when your not able to see the communication that are doing. What can be done and what are the signs on Texting Cheating?Here are the signs your spouse is cheating thru the means of texting.1) Phone is never left alone (Your spouse will make a point of making sure that phone is glued to there persons at all times.) As with my case my wife always sleeping on the couch during these months with her cell phone under her pillow.2) Phone is left in the car at night to charge. This is another sign there is wrong doing. Why in the car of course they forgot it there. do not be fooled.3) The phone bill is never seen. Yes this is another sign something is going wrong where is that phone bill every month? Or they will make it paperless so it never comes at all.4) You are not able to log in to the online phone site to see what is going on, as with many providers you are able to see daily call list and texting list. Make sure you are the primary holder on the account and your spouse will not be able to lock you out of the online details.5) You have access to the online bill but with most providers if you choose unlimted texting the texting numbers are not listing unless you specify for them to show up. Make sure you check with your provider to make sure you can enable this option.6) Your spouse is constantly texting, as the case with me going thru this, my wife made me believe she was texting her friend sitting right next to me when actually she was texting her new found boyfriend.7) You see names on the phone which you do not recognize, this is how my wife did it, disguised his number with a made up friend on the phone or in this case it was under police which was the truth but unfortunately it was the boyfriend (officer) and not the actually police station.Well there you have the most obvious behavior something is not right with your partner, then the question is how many textes constitutes cheating? Well this is where you get alot of different answers, but in my case it was simple (3000 textes in 2 months from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. is disturbing. Up to 60 a day a times.Personally anytime your partner is texting (which is obviously a form of talking) any amount of texting is wrong especially if there are keeping it from you. Lying about any amount of communication between you and your partner is cheating no matter how you slice it. And why texting instead of calling? Well when you phone is on silent as my wife did, it goes totally unnoticed by the trusting partner. And is easy to answer even when your next to them. Bottom line if you suspect there are cheating thru the means of texting following the above steps mentioned and if you get your partner stopping you from accessing the phone info you can believe they are up to something.

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